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Name: Jenny Shen
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Skype: jenny52k66

LuFOX, Our Brand


A Famous Brand in P.R.China for USB Flash Drive, Power Banks,Optical Mouse
The dedicated gift usb flash drives manufacturers for

Quality Change your Life! LuFOX strive to do the Best!

We not only have our own brand 
we also OEM/ODM for some famouse brand,as Nokia, Dell ,HSBC.
We also made a lot of promotional usb flash drive for Siemens,Toshiba, Lexmark,Volvo,Toyoto,Benz,Cocacola,Loreal, Bosch, ACCU....... 


Usually, USB Memory Drive manufactuer just provide 1 year quality guarantee
Even Kingston, Sandisk just can provide 5 year quality warranty.
But for 
LuFOXwe can provide life time quality guarantee.

LuFOXKnow LuFOX! Trust LuFOX!